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Working For You

We are a non-profit advocacy organization that is willing to stand up and face the Agencies of the State of Nevada and provide the proper information and facts to the Agency, or to hold them accountable for the illegal acts which they perform.

Many of our members are willing to take these issues to Court, and see what the Judges have to say in relation to their actions, or their interpretation of the law.

Our organization is working tirelessly to bring to light the oppression that is continually being suffered by the family members of offenders, those living with offenders, and the offenders themselves.  We need to fight back to protect our rights by respectfully addressing these issues head on and by bringing the facts of oppression to light.

Oppression under color of law is not legal, and it is a violation of your civil rights.  Many other behaviors practiced by your Officer are also illegal. According to the Nevada Revised Statutes, an Officer may be held accountable under
NRS 197.200
, Oppression under Color of Office, along with other laws that are applicable as listed in the following.

NRS Laws for Public Servants

Are you, a family member, a friend, or a person who is living with an offender having your civil rights violated?

Is your Parole Officer disrespectful and not courteous to you or your family? Do they treat you or your family unfairly in regards to your issues, or try to intimidate and harass you, your family members, or your friends? Do they violate the Laws of the State of Nevada?  Do they violate the rights granted to you by the United States Constitution and the Nevada Constitution?

Ask us, and we will help you explore the situation and provide you with the relevant Nevada Revised Statutes and the key parts of the Constitution to let you decide for yourself.

At that point you can decide if you would like to further pursue these issues and file a complaint, and if you believe that your case is strong enough, you may decide to also bring a lawsuit for wrongful actions performed by your Officer and the Division.

Please let us help you hold these Officers accountable for their actions.

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