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Posted February 11, 2014

We have finally set up the ability for you to donate to our cause and help us in our fight.  We have set up the PayPal donation buttons on every page, and you can help us by donating one time, on a monthly basis, or as often as you have the means to do so.  Even $5.00 a month can have a huge impact on filing cases and other fees.  We are going to provide a breakdown of expenditures for you to see, and you will understand what it takes us to keep this website up and paid for, including helping with the expenses to file cases, and general office expenses.

Thank you for all your help, in your continued support and hopefully with your financial help also.

Posted February 10, 2014

Our organization is helping one of our members who is looking for people to join his lawsuit against the State of Nevada.  He needs someone who is currently on Parole, someone who is currently on Probation, and a number of people who are currently on Lifetime Supervision.  Depending on your issues and circumstances, you would either join the case or be willing to be called as a witness during an Evidentiary hearing to determine if the conditions of Lifetime Supervision are punishment.

Please refer to the Current Nevada Cases section and read the redacted complaint in Davis v. State.  

He is specifically looking for people who have had the Halloween restrictions placed on them, people who have been searched during the last 2 years, and people who have taken the polygraph exam anytime in the last 2 years, especially people who have been arrested in regards to the polygraph exam.  You can join this case if any of these issues apply to you, and you are willing to be heard.

We are looking for an offender who was convicted as a juvenile before 1995 and completed their term of probation or parole before that time. This goes to an ex post facto issue requiring you now having to register on the Website. Please contact us here.

We are also looking for an offender who was sentenced for their crime before 1970 and who now has to register and be listed on the website. Please contact us here.

This might also apply to the Registration case that other members of our organization are pursuing, not as a party to the case filed by Langford/McLetchie, but by the members themselves in a pro se filing in the District Court of Northern Nevada. They are also asking for a temporary injunction, and are arguing the case on many different grounds than the current stay does.

Also, one of the seminal cases that we are using to fight Lifetime Supervision is Palmer v. State.  We are going to list that case as a reference case in Davis v. State in the Current Nevada Cases section. We will also be posting a number of filings regarding Motions for different issues in the coming week in Davis v. State.

Please follow along with our cases and see how we are doing. There are a number of other people who are fighting issues currently and we will be posting those in a new section called Current Cases of Interest.

Thanks for your continued support and hopefully your donations.  We should have the means to donate to our cause up and running on the website this week.

Posted February 4, 2014

We have updated the navigation buttons to your left so that the issues are more concisely presented to you.  We have listed the current registration cases and Lifetime Supervision cases in the Current Nevada Cases section and will continue to update that as more filings become available.

Please follow along with these cases as they affect everyone on Parole, Probation and Lifetime Supervision as many of the issues we are fighting for affect all of these classes of offenders.

Help us by becoming active in our fight, and all donations will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Posted February 3, 2014

Good News for anyone who is concerned about the new registration law described in AB579 (2007) which was set to be implemented on February 1, 2014.  A temporary injunction has been granted in regards to this and we are posting the emergency petition and order for temporary injunction below and also under the Current Nevada Cases section.

Please follow along and help us to defeat the registration law, along with the driver's license law and the "special sentence" of Lifetime Supervision.

Your continued support, your time and effort, and your donations will help us to accomplish our endeavors now and in the future.

Adam Walsh Injunction Order 1-30-14

Adam Walsh Emergency Petition1 1-30-14

Posted February 2, 2014

As promised, we posted a number of cases that we are using to argue and document our future case as court precedent in fighting the new registration law.  Please refer to the Registration Case's button on your left, click and follow along with our arguments.

Thank you for your time, your interest, and your support.

Posted January 27, 2014

Again, we apologize for the delay in posting and keeping you informed, however, we have had a lot of issues on our plate. Please forgive us.

We do need your help with our fight, and as noted before, in the next week or so our organization will be posting a pay pal account on here to receive donations, and we have filed the paperwork to obtain a tax exempt status. 

Our organization is working right now to fight the new registration law that is being enacted, and your help and financial donations would be greatly appreciated and put to a good cause.  We are currently in the process of finalizing and filing a lawsuit in the District Court in Nevada seeking a temporary injunction against the implementation of the law, and to have an court hearing to determine the constitutionality of the law.

In our support, there have been numerous recent decisions from across the country that has found the registry law to be unconstitutional as applied.

We have listed those decision for you here, just click on the Registration button to the left.  As soon as our case if filed, we will post the filing under our new section entitled current Nevada Cases.

Also, if you are subject to Lifetime Supervision, please go to that section to see the current case that is in the Federal District Court system that is challenging many issues relating to that.

As of this date, we are awaiting the Court's decision on a Motion to Dismiss filed by the State.  Please see and read all of the original court documents to date.

We have some help now in funding and maintaining this website, and we will update on a regular basis, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly as we sort out the agenda items.  Please bear with us, and for the next few weeks or months, this site will be updated constantly with new information and capabilities.

Thank you for your continued support and interest.

Please feel free to visit our previous posts to stay in touch with the whole story of what we are doing.
Previous posts include:

It has taken our organization over a year to set up and get things organized, but we are getting better at what we do every day.  We have devoted an extreme amount of time to legal research to define our rights, by researching State Supreme Court, Circuit Court and US Supreme Court decisions, so that we can hold the State of Nevada accountable for the actions they have illegally performed against us.  We believe we will win all of these lawsuits.  Please contact us to join our effort.

Please help keep the Constitutional Rights granted to us in our hands.
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