serving the cause of freedom and liberty

We Will Help You

Our organization wants to help you.  We provide this information on the website, so that we may bring some issues to your attention that you might want to understand better.

We will address specific issues with you if you contact us, though we are not attorneys, we can tell you what other members have done or are doing, and what other Courts have decided in relation to your situation.

We are hoping to have a firm on retainer shortly, who can offer legal
advice, and who might be willing to represent you with your issues.

We do provide research on any constitutional issue that we can, and that volume of information is growing daily.
We will show you how to file a formal complaint against an Officer, to hold them accountable for their actions and interpretations of the law.

We are providing you with the correct information and forms needed to bring your personal concerns to the attention of the appropriate Agencies so that you may hold them accountable.

We will teach you how to file a formal complaint with the Office of Professional Responsibility, a part of the Department of Public Safety.

Or you can file a formal complaint with the Public Integrity Unit, a part of the Attorney General's Office.
We will inform you of the procedures to do this and we have provided you with the correct forms.  We will show you how to contact these agencies correctly.

We will provide you with the forms necessary to challenge a condition of Parole, Probation, of Lifetime Supervision.  We will show you how to write a respectful request, and inform you of the documentation that you will need. This will aid you in trying to obtain a more favorable decision from the Board of Parole Commissioners or the Court.
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