serving the cause of freedom and liberty

We Need Your Help

We want you, your family members and your friends to help get our voice heard.  Help us by attending meetings, by providing monetary help, and by writing letters and filing complaints.

Contact the Members of the Nevada Legislature Judiciary Committees who decide these issues.  Information for all the members will be posted soon. Contact the Board of Parole Commissioners is relation to your conditions, and state on the record the illegality of the issues you are concerned with.

A quick email, letter, complaint, or phone call is all it takes.  If you never complain, or document anything on the record, then the State Agencies and their Officers will continue to practice the illegal actions against you with no fear or repercussions. Do not give them that power over you.

Let them know that the citizens and voters of the State of Nevada are concerned.Contact us and let us show you how to do that.
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