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Treatment and Therapy

An offender subject to a condition for treatment or therapy in the State of Nevada has the right to seek treatment wherever and with whomever one wishes to.
This is your legal and constitutional right.

The State does not have the legal right to say that you cannot see any licensed therapist, if that therapist is OK with working with you, and will offer the Division of Parole and Probation a log to verify your attendance. The State is allowed to recommend therapists that they work closely with and a few are listed below from the Northern Nevada Area.  We will be posting the Southern Nevada Area soon.  If anyone knows of any therapists that they are working with, please contact us and we will post them on here.

An offender has the right to have their record kept confidential, and only between the therapist and the client.  That is your right.  The therapist does not have the right to violate your confidentiality and tell your Officer what you discussed, either in group therapy or individual therapy.  Here are the laws that relate to confidentiality.  If you have signed a waiver of release for confidentiality, you should rescind it in a written format, and present the letter to your therapist.  If a therapist has not had you sign a waiver, and they are violating your confidentiality, they are liable.  The therapist also has to have informed consent to release your information.  Do not allow any therapist to discuss your personal and private treatment with your Officer. Any release of information without your consent or authority is 
also a violation of Federal HIPPA Laws.

A therapist does not have the right to say that you cannot seek treatment with other therapists either.  You have the
right to attend therapy with whomever you want.
   The State will attempt to say otherwise, and might try to intimidate and harass you.  The laws are clear.  If you are willing to stand up for your rights, the State is in a precarious and liable position related to your medical care and right to choose.

If your therapist is violating your confidentiality, or if they are saying that you have to seek their approval to change therapists, we believe that you have actionable cause to file a complaint with their Board, and to take further measures to hold them accountable for their actions.  You can also file a complaint against the Officer and the Division for violating your rights.
re are the laws for therapists and psychologists, so that you may read for yourself what their conduct has to be in relation to you, their client. Please read the section for violations carefully as you will need to document that section in your own words in the complaint.

How you choose to
handle your medical or psychological health is your personal choice, not the therapists, and certainly not the Officers, or the State of Nevada.  Again, this is a very precarious stance for the State to position on, the fact that they can regulate your medical care, without your choice or consent, and with no determination made by someone licensed to determine that issue.

Listed below are the complaint process and the complaint forms for the Various Boards that license therapists and psychologists, depending on their specialty.

rd of Marriage and Family Therapist
                      Complaint Process and Form

                              Complaint Process
                               Complaint Forms

Board of Psychologists
                      Complaint Process and Form

                                          Complaint Process
                                           Complaint Form

Northern Nevada Therapists and Services

Agape Psychological Services
250 Marsh Avenue
Reno, NV 89509

Ing Counseling
3500 Lakeside Court
Reno, NV 
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