serving the cause of freedom and liberty

A short bit about this page and the stories that you will read.

We are documenting and publishing stories by real people, many who are not on parole, probation, or Lifetime Supervision, who have had their rights violated or have been treated rudely or unfairly by the officers of the Department of Public Safety and the Division of Parole and Probation.

We are publishing these stories to show the disregard these officers have for the rights of the citizens of Nevada and how they violate those rights.  The Officers are ethically bound to treat all citizens of the State of Nevada with respect and courtesy, regardless of their status as an offender or a person not subject to their supervision.

We will list stories provided to us by family members and friends of offenders and offenders themselves.  We will also follow Officers who have left the Division who still work for the State of Nevada and who are continuing their blatant disregard of the Constitution.

Please follow along and see how these officers treat the citizens of Nevada without the legal authority to do what they do.

Stories from one of the founding members of
Nevadans For Civil Liberties.

Other individual’s stories of offenders and family members.
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