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Members of our organization are working tirelessly on the issues and concerns relating to the Registration law that is being enacted on February 1, 2014.  This is due to the 9th Circuit Court overturning the permanent injunction that was in place since July 1, 2007 and that was appealed by the State of Nevada.

We are currently addressing our concerns by finalizing and filing a lawsuit in the District Court for the State of Nevada seeking a temporary and permanent injunction based off of a declaratory judgment.

The following cases and Opinions are being used to write our declaratory judgment which we are filing in the District Court of the State of Nevada where we will be seeking a temporary and permanent injunction.

AK-Doe v. State Opinion 2008

AK-State v. Doe Second Opinion 2013

IN-Andrews v. State Opinion 2012

IN-Gonzalez v. State Opinion 2013

IN-Healy v. State Opinion 2013

KS-Doe v. Thompson Opinion 2013

MD-Doe v. DPSCS Opinion 2013

MD-Doe v. DPSCS COA Petitioners Brief

MD-Doe v. DPSCS COA Respondents Brief

MO-Gordon v. State Opinion 2011

NE-Doe v. State Opinion 2012

NJ-Riley v. State Opinion 2011

NV-Logan v. State Opinion 2013

OH-Juvenile v. State 2012

OK-Bollin v. State-Petition for Certiorani

OK-Hendricks-Bolin v. State-Supp Brief

OK-Reimers v. State Opimion 2011

OK-Smith v. State Opimion 2010

OK-Starkey v. Dept of Correcyions-Brief
OK-Starkey v. State-Opinion 2013
OK-Starkey v. State-Supplemental Authority
PA-Juvenile v. State Opinion 2013

PA-Juvenile v. State Opinion 2014

US-Doe v. Alaska Opinion 2003

WI-Doe v. State Opinion 2013

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