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In this section we will post all of the current cases that our members are filing or anyone else is filing in the State of Nevada that we are aware of. Please feel free to follow along and stay informed about what we and others are doing to challenge the laws that we believe to be illegal in the State of Nevada.

One of our members currently has a case filed against Lifetime Supervision in the Federal District Court of the State of Nevada.  

Please follow along with the case filings to stay informed of the issues that this member is challenging in court and that will apply to anyone serving the civil sentence of Lifetime Supervision, and including their families and friends.

Current Nevada Cases regarding Registration
Adam Walsh Emergency Petition1 1-30-14

Adam Walsh Injunction Order 1-30-14

Current Nevada Cases regarding Lifetime Supervision

A number of items are listed below and all of these filings concern one case which is currently filed in the Federal District Court of the State of Nevada.  
There are a number of filings that will go along with this case, so follow along and see how the case plays out.  This case was brought by one of our members, and we will list any cases that concern Lifetime Supervision separately for you to follow.

Davis v. State

Redacted Writ of Prohibition

Redacted Complaint

Redacted Certificate of Interested Parties

Motion to Dismiss
Redacted Opposition to Motion to Dismiss

Motion to Dismiss-Opposition Answer

Motion to Stay Discovery

Motion for Discovery Plan

Motion for Notice of Deficiency

Motion for Permissive Joinder-Cynthia

Motion for Permissive Joinder-Patrick

Motion to Preserve Evidence

Response to Discovery Plan and Scheduling Order

Response to Notice of Deficiencies

Response to Permissive Joinder-Cynthia

Response to Permissive Joinder-Patrick

Response to Protective Order for Evidence

Reference cases being used in Davis v. State

LS Palmer v. State of Nevada

LS Jaco v> State of Tennessee

LS Jamgochian v. State of NJ

LS Ward v. State of Tennessee

Mangarella v. State

DPS 6.3.115 Polygraph Process

NRS Ch 648-Polygraph Statues

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