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Nevadans for Civil Liberties does accept donations to help us in our fight.

We are finalized with the PayPal website to provide a link on here for you to help us in our cause by providing a safe and easy way to financially donate to our cause.  Thank you for your patience.  The ability for you to donate is now available.

Soon we will have a list of expenditures listed here for you to view, in the hope that you will further understand how expensive it is for our organization to provide the services that we do.

These donations cover costs of copies, mailings, postage, websites, office supplies, Attorney's fees and advice, and much more.

It helps our organization to allow us to pay the filing fees for our members to institute their court challenges.  One of our members is currently in the Federal District Court of Nevada challenging Lifetime Supervision, and very soon a number of our other members will be filing in the District Court of Nevada, challenging the Registration laws.

Our organization is very fortunate to have your support.  Please do your part to help us help you.  Listed below are ways that you can help.

Your support is greatly appreciated.  This will be tax deductible.

We have filed the appropriate paperwork to become a non-profit organization with the State of Nevada.  As soon as the paperwork returns we will be filing to obtain our tax-exempt status with the IRS. 

                                  Please send a donation by PayPal

Nevadans for Civil Liberties

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Soon we will have a telephone number for you to call.
Please bear with us.

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