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Lifetime Supervision

A lawsuit has finally been filed to address the many issues of illegal constitutional restraints that are being enforced on offenders subject to this sentence.  The first portion of this lawsuit has been filed this month, December 11, 2011.

Please feel free to view or download the Motion that one of our members has filed.  You will find it at the following link.

Lifetime Supervision-Motion to Correct an Illegal Sentence

At this time, anyone who feels they are being harassed and held to a stricter account than the conditions state, or are having other conditions imposed on them by the Officer, we need to talk to you.

You need to file a complaint, to get your concerns on record, so that you may further pursue these violations legally to sue the Division and the Officer and hold them accountable.  This is your legal right.

Members of our organization are working diligently on the concerns relating to the Civil Sentence of Lifetime Supervision. We have contacted the Board of Parole Commissioners and the Nevada Legislature with our issues and continue to do so, even during the interim.

e are supplying them with information and court decisions for them to better understand the legalities of this sentence.  This will help them in the correct enforcement of this law, and other laws relating to Probation and Parole.

We will continue our work in order to banish this sentence of Lifetime Supervision, or to bring about a major change in the enforcement of this law.  We are currently involved in finalizing the Petition to do just that.

We believe that this sentence is a violation of the double jeopardy laws and our constitutional rights, including First Amendment Rights, and that we do not receive procedural due process in relation to the conditions imposed by the Board.
There are many recent Supreme Court rulings from across the country and here in our State of Nevada that validate our points, and we are working hard to put these together in a filing that will allow us to legally challenge this law.

other State Supreme Courts have held Lifetime Supervision to be punitive in nature and effect, and one has recently vacated the sentence of an offender.

We are using these cases in our
More information will be posted soon.Stay informed as we will be filing this pleading in the month of August and we hope to move forward quickly on this suit due to the serious nature of the violations of constitutional liberties that are practiced daily by the Officers of the Division and the Board.
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