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Letters to the Legislature

During the course of the 2011 Nevada Legislature, our organization supplied the Judicial Committees with a number of letters explaining the punitive measures being enforced by the Division of Parole and Probation regarding the civil sentence of Lifetime Supervision.

We also supplied the Legislature with up to date recidivism statistics that show the extremely low rate of recidivism by convicted sex offenders.  We will continue to do this so that we can hold the Members accountable for their actions when they say that a sex offender cannot be cured, and that all sex offenders have an extremely high rate of recidivism. These are outright lies, are not grounded in facts, and are spouted by Members of the Legislature to appear to be tough on crime so that they can attempt to get re-elected.  It always sounds good to pick on someone to promote public safety, instead of actually supplying public safety.  We intend to show the Members that we will supply their statements, along with the facts of the case, to every newspaper and periodical in their district, to show the constituents that they do not rely on the facts, they only rely on scare tactics to make the citizens of the State afraid for their children.

The links to the letters supplied to date are as follows, and will be updated as additional letters are supplied to the Members of the Legislature.

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