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Board of Parole Commissioners

Members of our organization are working tirelessly on the issues and
concerns relating to the Board of Parole Commissioners

We are in contact with the Nevada Legislature, with our issues and concerns relating to actions performed by the Board of Parole Commissioners.  We believe that the Board needs to be held more accountable for their actions, and to be more transparent in the business they conduct.  We have very serious concerns on whether they have actually performed some of their actions legally.

We are currently addressing our concerns with the Board and we are attending every open public meeting of the Board of Parole Commissioners, and will continue to do so.

Please contact us to see how to personally get on their notification list for open public meetings and how to receive the information that they publish in relation to these meetings.

You can contact them yourselves at the following addresses:

Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners
1677 Old Hot Springs Road
Carson City NV 89706
(775) 687-5049

    Board Email:

    Board Website:

If you personally do not have an email, they must contact you by regular mail,
and any
member or our organization is allowed to use our email to contact them or any other State Agency in relation to any issues they with to present.

We will continue our work in order to hold the Board of Parole Commissioners accountable for their actions.  The Board falls under the statutes of Nevada listed in Chapter 241.  These include NRS 241.010 to NRS 241.040 inclusive.  This chapter is entitled Meetings of State and Local Agencies.  Please refer to the following to access the statutes.

NRS Chapter 241, Meetings of State and Local Agencies

There are many Supreme Court rulings from across the country, including the United States Supreme Court that we are using to hold the Board accountable for the actions they perform, and to determine whether many of these actions are legal.  We are working hard to put these together in a filing that will allow us to legally challenge the Board's authority

We are currently working on the complaint process in relation to actions taken by the Board during these hearings, and the way the Board holds these meetings.  During a recent public meeting on August 15, 2011, @ 8:00 am, they canceled at the last minute with no notice.  Many people had taken time off of work to attend, and we believe they are not allowed to do things is such a cavalier manner.

We will hold them accountable for notice and timelines, including notice to persons requesting to be on the notification list, and for documents to be presented at the meetings.
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