serving the cause of freedom and liberty

Nevadans for Civil Liberties

We are a non-profit educational organization whose purpose is protecting the Civil Liberties that are guaranteed to us as individuals by the Constitution of the United States and the State of Nevada.

We are not a political organization, and we do not donate to any party or politician.  We do not offer legal advice.

We are committed to protecting the Civil Liberties of the citizens of the State of Nevada who have had their rights violated by State Agencies and/or Officers of the State.

We advocate for our Civil Liberties by attending meetings at the Nevada Legislature and Nevada Legislative Committees, and attending meetings held by the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners.

We provide statistics, articles and studies, and inform the Nevada Legislative members and Board members of legal opinions rendered by Courts from across the country, including the Nevada Supreme Court, other State Supreme Courts, Circuit Courts, and the United States Supreme Court.

This is very important, as this is the law of the land, and any infringement upon that law is a violation of our rights.  Do not let the State of Nevada, and its Agencies and Officers interpret the law or your rights for you, as they tend to ignore these decisions, and do whatever they want, until you stand up for your rights.

If you are a family member or a friend of someone on Parole or Probation, or supervised release in the State of Nevada, or if you are currently on Parole, Probation or Lifetime Supervision, we would like to inform you about these issues.

Our organization would like to provide you with a variety of information, including current court cases, ways to file complaints against Officers, State Entities, and other parties, and legal decisions that could be relevant to your situation that you may discuss with an attorney of your choice, or one that we recommend to you.

Please help us to keep the Constitutional Rights that have been granted to us in our hands.  Do not be afraid to stand up for your rights or the rights of others who may be a family member or friend of yours.

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